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gimme some sugar baby

seriously need to date some fic writers * phew, hot stuff!*!

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  • klatubarada@livejournal.com
Shy ,creative ,geeky and looking for lovely,lovely people to talk to.I generally lurk and comment a lot.
Originally from Brighton,uk work in london and now moved tempoarily to manchester to study for a bit. I generally sleep,work,lurk and read fic.

Been taken over by Hawaii Five Oh,Alex O'loughlin and especially the delectable Scotty Caan make my heart beat faster. I also read Inception fic (Eames/Arthur),adore Tom Hardy from afar and spend far too much time living my life online instead of Out there in the Real Life.

Thoughtful,well plotted heartfelt fic guarantees my soul :)

Friend me /chat to me /defriend me at will.

Stuff i like but not confined to includes -
prop making,,dancing ,movies, H50 ,Hawaii five oh,
SGA and SG1 ,Inception fic ,Tom Hardy ,Farscape,Anything by Joss Whedon,sarcasm and generally chatting to anyone i can get hold of.

Making someone smile is the best gift and my motto is to try to do it daily.